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  • Feb152024

    Healthy Sweetness – why is it still not widely available?

    Is sweet taste harmful? Are all sweet tasting compounds unhealthy? No and no. How is healthy sweetness possible? Learn more…

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  • Jan312024

    When do you feel satiated?

    Here we share a recent interview with our founder Sakiko and Glynis Barber, founder of Ageless, about satiety and natural…

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  • Mar062023

    Erythritol: Pathways and Physiology

    Erythritol is a natural, sweet ingredient that is a useful tool in the healthy sweetness toolkit. Despite years of scientific…

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  • Sep182021


    1. What is the problem with existing options for those cutting down on sugar? Most sweet products fit into either…

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  • Jul152021


    A powerful health intervention, if done well. Definition: the ketogenic diet is a high-fat, low carb, moderate protein diet that…

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