We went on a quest – to find treats that were healthy, delicious, honest and sugar-free. Did we find any? No. So, we decided to create our own. Welcome to NOMOSU!

Parallel Health Journeys

Through our own health journeys, we discovered how foods affected our health, performance and wellbeing. Removing sugar (sucrose and fructose) from our diet profoundly and positively transformed our health, happiness and energy. We were so inspired by feeling better than ever that we delved deep into biology, nutritional biochemistry, functional medicine and how to apply research in our self-experimenting towards optimal health.

We love our sweet treats, and when we sought honestly sugar-free alternatives, we were dismayed to find that snacks marketed as healthy were filled with sugar in various forms (agave syrup, honey, dates, coconut sugar, etc.) or loaded with health-undermining artificial sweeteners. Even products promoted as being sweetened with sugar-free, natural stevia were in fact sweetened mainly with sucralose or maltitol. There was nothing sweet on the shelves that did not fit into either of these two categories: sugar-by-another-name OR artificial sweeteners.

Challenges and Success

NOMOSU was born out of love for delicious food and feeling awesome, to create options that are genuinely health-promoting and honestly sugar-free, sourced from nature, steered by science. With optimism and open-minded scepticism, we experimented, learned and created until we found the truth – we can create healthy treats without sugar that are seriously delicious. This was such a happy discovery and we are so excited to finally share this with you. It has been a long and challenging journey.

Here for You

No more misleading statements, no more health-halo claims about “natural” ingredients that are biochemically the same as sucrose, no more back-of-the-pack surprises: e.g. 40g/100g sugar…i.e. 40% sugar? Many major health concerns can be alleviated simply by eliminating and/or reducing sugar. This step alone can transform someone suffering from chronic disease into someone enjoying optimal health. NOMOSU stands for NO MORE SUGAR, yet we go further. Healthy food options should be founded on rigorous science. We read the latest longevity and metabolic science research and also directly collaborate in research.

Our Delicious Promise

NOMOSU carefully considers the provenance, healthfulness, taste and ecological impact of every ingredient and combination thereof. We are meticulous in creating treats that actually add value to your health and liberate your senses with each mouthful, sustainably. We are committed to inspiring joy and freedom by providing genuinely health-enhancing and always excellent-tasting food. Pure pleasure, no compromise, always with integrity.