Origins & Principles

Championing No More Sugar

NOMOSU is about delicious treats that contribute to health and NOMOSU champions no more sugar. When we take out the sugar, and carefully combine high-quality ingredients, the result is amazingly healthy and liberating delicious food experiences. This is truly functional for health, and undeniably delicious. We make bold claims with genuine backing. See, taste and decide for yourself.



All of NOMOSU’s treats are naturally sweetened and either sugar-free (<0.5g/100g sugars) or contain trace and naturally-occurring sugars (e.g. those in almonds or hazelnuts), and these are all <5g/100g.


We believe taste is OBJECTIVE to a degree. NOMOSU’s creations are consistently delicious. This is about a delightful switch to equally/more tasty treats. We do blind taste-testing trials with chocolatiers and super-tasters.


NOMOSU is science-based: we apply metabolic and nutritional science to create food that adds real value to your diet and is genuinely health-enhancing.


NOMOSU stays true to nature. We consciously decide to NOT use extreme processing to force all products into being technically 100.0% sugar-free, yet full of chemicals.


NOMOSU prioritises sustainability: our packaging is recyclable and/or compostable and we analyse and apply every opportunity to enhance ecosystems and invest in Nature.


NOMOSU products are always Organic • Sugar Free (0.5g<100g) or Low in naturally-occurring sugars (<5g/100g) • Gluten Free • High Fibre • Low Carb • SERIOUSLY DELICIOUS

Ingredients – what, where from, why?

Every single ingredient has been carefully curated from a metabolic health and delicious taste perspective – from the organic, polyphenol-rich organic cacao beans to the organic health-promoting plant fibres (e.g. chicory and agave inulin) with prebiotic benefits, and the organic, uniquely delicious, purely-water-extracted stevia.

We choose ingredients based on the belief that everything we eat is information to our cells that stimulate pathways and processes that either promote or compromise health. In addition to each ingredient’s sourcing and attributes, particular combinations and ratios of ingredients can make or break the net healthfulness of a food. We have created high-fibre, health-promoting, gluten-free and honestly sugar-free treats that keep your energy stable, are satiating and are delicious.


A Super food by any Standard

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Natural, Non-Caloric Sweeteners

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Natural, Non-Caloric Sweeteners

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Chicory & Agave Fibres

Chicory Oligofructose and Inulin

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From Sunflower Plants

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Beautiful, Mellow Aroma

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