Healthy Sweetness – why is it still not widely available?

Healthy Sweetness – why is it still not widely available?
15 February 2024 Sakiko Reuterskiold
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Is sweet taste harmful? Are all sweet tasting compounds unhealthy? No and no.

How is healthy sweetness possible? Learn more at

If there is healthy sweetness, WHY has it not already globally replaced sugar?

These are key reasons:

  • No single ingredient can replace all the functions of sugar in a recipe. Only specific combinations of natural ingredients in precise ratios, fully replicate sugar’s taste and texture experience, with none of the negative consequences, and in fact enhances health. Industry has been focusing too much on finding one magic bullet ingredient to replace sugar.
  • Large food and drink companies have invested significant capex into factories that physically require high fructose corn syrup or sucrose as an ingredient. Changing this will be costly.
  • Industrial sugar production has developed for centuries, supported by everything from slavery to subsidies, growing into the huge industry that it is. Sugar is a commodity that supports high gross margins and cheap, processed ‘food’. It will take investment to ramp up production of the ingredients that will replace sugar.
  • Sugar and fructose stimulate ghrelin (hunger) and increase leptin (satiety) resistance. This is an endocrinological recipe for getting people to eat and drink more. Why would food and beverage companies not want us to keep eating and drinking more?

On this last question, the only reason would be if the company considers the long game and how their customers feel. We don’t need biomarker monitoring devices to notice how suboptimal we feel having the energy crash, headache, and malaise after having large sugar doses. We are all becoming more conscious of the correlation between the food we eat and how we feel. Companies need to see what’s coming.

In addition to excluding non-satiating sugar, NOMOSU deliberately includes healthy prebiotic, satiating fiber in our products, because fiber is essential to intestinal and overall health, and most do not consume enough of it.

This, in the matrix of delicious, polyphenol-rich chocolate is a recipe for satiation and satisfaction. Daily and in the long run, enjoying a treat that tastes delicious, is satiating, and facilitates feeling well, is how we will all expand health and happiness.