18 September 2021 Sakiko Reuterskiold

1. What is the problem with existing options for those cutting down on sugar?

Most sweet products fit into either of 2 categories, neither of which helps us in optimising our health:

  • A: Products containing artificial sweeteners. If you are seeking optimal health, you must avoid these: maltitol, isomalt, tagatose, sucralose, aspartame, Ace-K, saccharin. You can read more about each of them at: com/thescience/artificial-sweeteners
  • B: Products claiming “No added sugar” or “Refined sugar free”, yet filled with sweeteners that are biochemically the same as sucrose (sugar), such as: agave syrup, maple syrup, honey, coconut sugar, date syrup, concentrated fruit juice, etc. Like sucrose, these are made of fructose and glucose and have the same metabolic and health impacts as sugar.

2. How does NOMOSU provide a solution?

NOMOSU creates sweet foods that are:

  • Honestly sugar-free
  • Organic
  • Health-enhancing
  • Seriously delicious

No more health-undermining ingredients. No more odd-tasting products. No more sugar. Pure pleasure – taste and feel to believe.

3. What is the secret to NOMOSU’s delicious taste?

NOMOSU’s sweetness is unique because we use the only source of organic, solely-water-extracted stevia. This conserves the structure of the sweet molecules, allowing them to interact naturally with cells’ taste receptors. Unlike chemically-extracted stevia (99% of what is on the market) that alters the sweet molecules’ structure, leaving an unnatural taste, this 100% natural stevia has a delicious, natural sweet taste.

Stevia has been eaten by indigenous peoples for 1000s of years – it even features in the ancient Mayan tale of the Popol Vuh. Would humans eat a plant for so long, if it did not taste good? NOMOSU is happy to share with you how delicious chocolates sweetened with organic, 100% water-purified stevia can taste.

Cacao research is also key in producing NOMOSU’s delicious tastes. The team carried out wide and deep research into the most delicious cacao varieties and origins to create absolutely delicious, characterful blends from specific origins in South and Central America, the birthplace of the cacao plant and chocolate creation.

The most delicious tastes and medicinal foods are perfectly packaged in nature, and by researching and applying them scientifically while staying true to nature with the goal of objectively delicious taste and comprehensive health in mind, we expand the horizon of genuinely health-enhancing and seriously delicious food.

4. Who is behind NOMOSU and how does the future look?

NOMOSU’s founder and CEO is Sakiko Reuterskiöld, a Japanese-Swedish graduate of The University of Cambridge who has a background in investment management and completed a 3-year Masters in Science (MSc) in Personalised Nutrition based on Functional Medicine. She is passionate about creating health-enhancing food and believes one needs to study and research deeply into food biochemistry, metabolic science, longevity and functional medicine to have the capacity to create truly health-enhancing food products.

NOMOSU has an amazing team of leading food biochemistry engineers, chocolate sector specialists, talented designers, chocolatiers, chefs and experienced entrepreneurial trailblazers passionate about helping others to feel their best and enjoy extremely delicious food experiences.

In addition to further flavours of chocolate bars, NOMOSU will soon launch organic and sugar-free couverture chocolate chips as well as an organic sweet mix that is a 1:1 replacement of sugar, to apply to any of your baking and culinary ambitions. NOMOSU is ushering in a new era – wherein science-based, sugar-free, healthy and delicious foods will be easier to find, create and share.

In future newsletters we will dive deeper into food and metabolic science and how to apply it practically to enhancing your health and wellbeing. To learn more, you can also follow us on Instagram @nomosu.

Thanks so much for reading, caring and sharing.


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